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Immigration Financing through BYDCash


Finance your Legal Fees

At our law firm, we understand the financial challenges that often accompany the immigration process. To ease this burden, we have partnered with BYDcash, an innovative finance company that offers a simple and effective solution for financing legal expenses. With BYDcash, eligible clients can finance their legal costs at a low fee, functioning similarly to a credit card. This arrangement allows clients to retain our services immediately upon approval by BYDcash, streamlining the payment process.

How Does the Approval Process Work?

The approval criteria are straightforward: clients need to be employed and have a U.S. resident or citizen as a sponsor. This accessibility ensures that more of our clients can promptly begin their immigration journey without the stress of large upfront payments. By utilizing BYDcash, clients not only benefit from our expert legal services within 30 days but also have the unique opportunity to build their credit history in the United States—a crucial step for newcomers. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive support to our clients, making their path to residency smoother and more manageable.

If you your would like to find out more about your financing options, visit the BYDCash website or call us at 

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