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Nothing is more frightening than learning you are being scheduled for a removal hearing. Immigration laws in the United States are extremely stringent and strictly enforced. No matter your immigration status, you will need qualified legal representation if you are scheduled or notified to appear at a deportation hearing.

You do not have to face removal proceedings alone; you have a legal right to hire legal representation of your choosing. Our deportation defense lawyers at Central Florida Immigration Attorneys have over 20 years of combined experience assisting our clients with matters of immigration law.

If you have been notified of a deportation or removal, we can help you explore your defense and relief options. One of our lead attorneys previously served as an immigration services officer adjudicator, lending our firm unique insight that we regularly leverage to benefit our clients.

How Does How the Deportation Process Work?

Many clients learn that they are facing removal when they receive a Notice to Appear (NTA). This formal document will explain the grounds for removal, when and where they are expected to appear, and the consequences for failing to appear. In some cases, a person being placed in removal can be immediately detained in advance of a hearing.

It is essential that you attend the scheduled hearing that is referenced in your NTA. Failure to appear will result in deportation in your absence, and will also preclude you from most relief options. When you receive an NTA, immediately contact our deportation defense attorneys to explore your immediate options.

At your first hearing, you and your legal representation will have the opportunity to argue why you should not be removed. If you intend to pursue a viable defense strategy, a subsequent merit hearing will be scheduled to evaluate the claim.

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Legal Reasons Cited To Initiate the a Removal Process

Noncitizens can be placed in for removal proceedings for a variety of reasons. Lawful permanent residents enjoy many privileges, including the ability to live and work in the United States on a semi-permanent basis, but can still be placed in removal proceedings under certain conditions.

Factors that can lead to deportation include:

Criminal Convictions

Crimes of moral turpitude are all considered deportable defenses, including:

  • Aggravated felonies
  • Drug crimes
  • Firearm crimes
  • And fraud

If you are convicted of any of these crimes, you will likely be placed in removal proceedings, even if you are a lawful permanent resident.

Denials for Adjustments of Status

The final step in securing many immigration benefits involves requesting to adjust your immigration status. If USCIS determines you do not meet the qualifications for the immigration benefits, they can reject your request.

This leaves some applicants without valid immigration status, placing them on the radar of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Our team will always avoid recommending an adjustment of status unless we are fully confident that you meet all of the requirements.

Failure To Properly Seek Lawful Permanent Residency

If you are currently in the United States on a temporary nonimmigrant visa that does not allow you to pursue lawful permanent residency, applying for a lawful permanent resident card can lead to removal.

You can also be placed in removal if you are appropriately seeking a lawful permanent resident card but improperly fill out or submit the required documentation. If your lawful permanent residency application is rejected and you have no other legal immigration status, you will likely soon face removal proceedings.

Unlawful Presence or Residence in the United States

If you entered the United States unlawfully and remain in the country without legal immigration status, you can be targeted for removal at any time.

You cannot be deported for an expired lawful permanent residency card, which is a common concern with immigrants. However, traveling with an expired green card can lead to a denial of your reentry to the United States.

Removal Defense Strategies

Our attorneys are familiar with may powerful deportation defense strategies. Every case is unique, and your individual circumstances will determine the forms of deportation relief that may be available to you.

We can help you explore numerous deportation defense strategies, including:

  • Asylum and Withholding of Removal – If you have “reasonable fear” that being forced to return to your home country may lead to your harm, you may qualify for asylum
  • Cancellation of Removal – Both permanent and non-permanent residents may be eligible for a cancellation of removal if they meet specific conditions, based on length of time in the U.S. and whether a qualifying relative would suffer “exceptional” hardship if you were deported
  • Adjustment of Status – You may qualify for an adjustment of status to lawful permanent residence if you meet certain qualification, such as having a U.S. citizen spouse or a petition from a qualifying family member
  • U-Visas – Victims of assault, domestic violence, or other violent crimes may qualify for a U-Visa if they report the crime and cooperate in a related investigation
  • Arguing the merits of the grounds for removal – You can avoid deportation by demonstrating that removal efforts were initiated on inaccurate grounds or grounds that cannot be sustained

When you meet with our team, we will assess your situation and help you understand each possible remedy and the steps and risks involved with pursuing each option.

Should we determine that there is no viable deportation defense for your case, we can help you initiate a voluntary departure from the U.S. This involves your voluntarily leaving the United States by a prescribed date. This option is not ideal but can avoid the harsh consequences of an involuntary removal and help you more easily secure future immigration benefits.

Our deportation defense lawyers at Central Florida Immigration Attorneys understand what is at stake and will do everything possible to fight for your rights. We understand how deportation cases are adjudicated and can assist you in pursuing all possible relief options.


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